F28M35 DSK (Ezdsp F2812 pin-compatible)

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The F28M35H52 family, known as Concerto, is a dual-core (ARM+DSP) processor suitable for safety-sensitive applications. The ARM processor supports Ethernet, USB OTG, CAN, UART, SSI, I2C, and an external GPIO. The DSP is the industry-leading 32-bit C28x floating-point CPU with ePWM and encoder. A high-speed analog-to-digital converter is shared between the two cores. For sensitive control applications, the shared memory includes Error Correction Code (ECC) and secure memory. The F28M35 DSK is based on the F28M35H52C processor with external hardware for Ethernet, isolated CAN, isolated RS422, and UART. The code is compatible with TMDSCNCDH52C1. The F28M35H52 comes with a comprehensive training manual, which covers the code details and step-by-step instructions to use the board.

This product is pin-compatible with Ezdsp F2812.

When the product is out-of-stock, the typical production time for the F28M35 DSK is one month. Please contact us at info@dspgig.com if you have any questions.