DSPLab (TI-DSP training)

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DSPLab is the key to unlocking Texas Instrument Digital Signal Processors(TI-DSP). It is a complete platform designed especially for signal processing laboratories in universities around the world. It has the hardware, four books, and code examples.

The DSPLab is designed to be used by students in the lab. We recommend one unit per student, but a maximum of two students can use this product at a time. 

To better understand how this product works, you may read the 'Preface' chapters for the books coming with this product. A brief version of the books is available on the product page, or you may contact us for a demo!

Please note that the typical production time for the DSPLab is 90 days. Please contact us at info@dspgig.com if you have any questions.


To learn more about DSPLab, check the following link:


The DSPLab contains:
1- DSPLab hardware box.
2- 'DSPLab student’s manual'.
3- 'DSPLab teacher’s manual' (paper version).
5- 'TI DSP step-by-step, C2000, C5000, and C6000' book (paper version). 
6- ‘Real-time digital signal processing, implementation and application’ book.
7- DVD 
8- Power cable, USB cable, analog cable, UART cable, JTAG USB cable.